Calgary Sign Painter Comes Home!

I'm honoured to be participating in the first Canada-wide version of the much loved Edmonton craft fair, the Royal Bison. Thanks to you guys, I'll be bringing my wares back to my hometown and touting everything from traditional sign painting on wood, to Mason Jar drinking glasses, to gold gilding on glass, to (yes I had to…) some mildly Christmas-y stuff.

A Little Background

I got hooked on painting signs after leaving my first "real" job out of school working in a vinyl shop. I parted from Edmonton in 2012 to pursue graphic design in Calgary and soon found out that I yearned for something much more hands-on. I ordered a bunch of paints and just started painting signs. Shortly after, I took an Intro to Brush Lettering at New Bohemia Signs in San Francisco, CA and never looked back. I quit my job at the vinyl shop and by a chance encounter, found a sign painter here in Calgary who took me on in an apprenticeship - which is practically unheard of these days. I worked with him for almost a year, learning tricks of the trade until it was time I went out on my own. I ordered as many books as I could afford on the subject and continued my studies. Now it's a just been a matter of time and practice!

Sign Painting - The Adaptable Art

For the Bison, I'm bringing with me small signs with varying letter styles. Some hand-drawn and some adapted from old lettering catalogues. Some wood, some glass, some gold gilding, some straight painted. It's just a cross-section of what can be done with sign painting - and shows how versatile the media is. It can be done on flat surfaces, existing walls, windows, objects, brick buildings - you name it. I'm currently accepting clients, so if you like what you see, contact me for business pricing and we can talk about how to bring your storefront, home, or office to life with sign painting!

Check out the Bison's full list of vendors for the upcoming 2014 winter shows. Make sure to check out both showings - the Edmonton Locals-Only Edition (November 28, 29, 30th) as well as their Prairies-Wide Edition (December 5, 6, 7th)